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Postdoctoral project on multimodality and number

Funded by a María Zambrano award, Daniel Alcaraz will come back to University of Murcia to lead his postdoctoral proyect.

Daniel Alcaraz has been awarded a María Zambrano fellowship by the Ministry of Universities and the University of Murcia, to develop his project “Más que números” on numerical cognition and multimodality at the University of Murcia.

The project will continue the research developed during his Séneca Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study how numerical information is conveyed and understood  by analysing the language, the gestures and the graphical elements used in television settings. He will combine big-data approaches with data from the Red Hen lab and experimental techniques acquired during his research stay at University of Wisconsin-Madison to understand how numerical data is multimodally communicated.

This research will be supervised by another member of the Daedalus lab, Professor Javier Valenzuela, and will be developed in collaboration with Professor Martha Alibali.